Is it possible to travel from Sapporo and back within the day?
It is not impossible, but we recommend using Asahikawa as the base.
From Sapporo, it’s a two-hour drive by car. It is not impossible to come back in a day. If you use Furano or Asahikawa as the base, it is possible to combine the trip with a visit to Asahiyama Zoo.

How to move around the sightseeing spots?
Going by car is efficient! To visit the flower farm, it’s better to be early.
Lavender blooms in July- August , and the roads around the flower farm can be crowded. To avoid traffic jam, we recommend that you leave early.

What are the delicacies there?
Fresh vegetables from the farm, and famous meat too!
Furano and Biei grow many crops, thus enjoying the vegetable of the season is a must. Kamifura pork or Biei Wagyu beef, the branded meat, wine, cheese and other local produce and processed items are also available.



Convenient public transport Take Bus Kururu
From Furano Station, there are two possible routes. the Green Route to Furano wine factory, Farm Tomita, etc, and the Red Route circles Furano Marche, Furano Cheese factory area. The period is from July 4 to August 16, summer service only, and a 2-day ticket costs ¥1,000.
For inquiry. Furano Sightseeing Association 0167-23-3388

JR User Limited Bus
“Twinkle Bus” goes to JR Asahikawa Station, Furano Station, Biei Station to famous sightseeing locations, and operates from early June to mid- October. Available for JR train passengers only. Inquiry can be made at the Green Counter at all main stations of JR Hokkaido, or at Twinkle Plaza.

How to move around smartly
Covering all major sightseeing places effectively within 1 day!
If you leave early by car, you can cover Furano Lavender farm and Biei hill scenes within 1 day.



Furano is exposed to inland weather, and the coldcan be severe.
During the day, sub-zero temperature continues; however, it’s warm indoors.
The sunlight marks the coming of spring, but the temperature is still low. It’s time to catch the last few days for skiing and other winter sports.

The temperature rises, and the snow starts to melt. Long boots are recommended.
Spring has arrived, and Mizuba Show and Katakuri are starting. When autumn comes, the wheat in the fields are made into drinks.
This is the season when asparagus and other items are sold directly. In the flower field, you can see Iceland poppies starting to appear.

This is the time to view lavenders, this is the peak season for sightseeing.
This is the time to harvest the famous Furano melon. Aside from this, corns are also harvested at this time.
Potato, onion harvest starts, and in Biei the harvest scenery can be seen everywhere.

The surrounding mountains have their first crowning snow. In Tokachi neighbourhood and Shirogane Hot Spring.
When snow starts to fall on the land, the temperature dips significantly, and the Asahiyama Zoo starts its winter season.
The ski area opens when the winter season starts.

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