Japan Tourist Visa

Dear Valued Clients,

IMPORTANT: Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the embassy does not allow processing of tourist visa applications. The visa application procedures found below are subject to change once the embassy releases updated guidelines when they resume accepting applications.


Japan Embassy Memo

Click here to view the memo.


General Guidelines for Japan Tourist Visa Processing

  1. Japan Tourist Visa Application is Php 1,200.00 per Single Entry Visa applicant and Php 1,500.00 per Multiple Entry Visa applicant.
  2. It takes seven (7) to ten (10) working days after all the documents are submitted to the embassy. It is advisable to apply a one to two months before your travel date.
  3. Make sure that your visa application form is filled out correctly.
  4. Forms and documents to be submitted must be printed in A4 Sized paper (210mm x 297mm). This is with exemption to official documents requested and released by, but not limited to, your company, issuing banks, and government offices.
  5. The Validity period of Japan Visa is three months once granted (single entry).
  6. Incomplete requirements will not be entertained by JTB.
  7. Multiple Entry Visa is subject to approval by the attending consul.


Checklist of Requirements

  1. Kindly look through the checklist below for single and multiple entry visa requirements in applying for Japan Tourist Visa.
  2. Applicants are advised that the embassy may still request for supplementary documents that are not found in the checklist.
  3. Downloadable forms are available below.

Schedule of Receiving Visa Application

  1. Clients may submit avail the visa processing service for Japan on our following outlets and on the following schedules only:
    1. BGC Visa Counter – Monday to Friday 10:00AM to 04:00PM (Lunch Break: 12NN – 1PM) (Weekdays only)
    2. Travel Saloon SM Mall of Asia – 10:00AM to 06:00PM (Daily)
    3. Travel Saloon Vertis North – 11:00AM to 04:00PM (Daily)
    4. Travel Saloon Glorietta 3 Makati – 11:00AM to 06:00PM (Daily)
  2. Failure to submit your complete requirements will not be received and entertained by JTB; likewise, any request for filing before or beyond the aforementioned schedule will not be honored.
  3. Aforementioned schedules may be changed due to holidays, events, and other reasons thereof. Always check with the preferred office or outlet before visiting to submit your application.


Schedule of Releasing Visa Application

  1. Passports will only be released on the office or outlet where it was filed. Below is the schedule of releasing of passports
    1. BGC Visa Counter – Monday to Friday 10:00AM to 04:00PM (Lunch Break: 12NN – 1PM) (Weekdays only)
    2. Travel Saloon SM Mall of Asia – 10:00AM to 06:00PM (Daily)
    3. Travel Saloon Vertis North – 11:00AM to 04:00PM (Daily)
    4. Travel Saloon Glorietta 3 Makati – 11:00AM to 06:00PM (Daily)
  2. Request for release before or beyond the aforementioned schedule will not be entertained.
  3. Passport can be picked-up on the office or outlet where it was filed on the next working day upon the release from the embassy.

Supplementary Requirements and Documents Requested by the Embassy

  1. Applicants are advised that the Embassy of Japan has the sole discretion to request for supplementary or additional documents that is not found on the checklists provided.
  2. Once our team is notified of the need for additional documents by the embassy, the applicant will be informed accordingly.


Terms and Conditions for Japan Tourist Visa Application at JTB Asia Pacific Phil. Corp.

JTB ASIA PACIFIC PHIL. CORP. (hereafter referred to as the “Company”) only accepts instructions on the following terms which will take effect upon signing of the transmittal form during your visa application.

1. The applicant must apply for visa processing at least two (2) months before intended travel date.
2. The applicant must not finalize nor confirm any tour arrangements (airline tickets, hotel accommodation, tours, etc.) prior the release of their visa.
3. The Embassy has the sole right and absolute discretion for the approval and denial of the visa application. They will not disclose the reason for the rejection.
4. The Company shall not be responsible if any visa application is refused or rejected.
5. All of the documents (original and photocopy) received by the Company will be forwarded to the Embassy and WILL NO LONGER RETURN TO THE APPLICANT except for the passport/s.
6. When filling out the visa forms, please take note of the following:
– Remove Passport Covers and unnecessary attachments from your passport upon submission.
– Erasures in any form are not allowed when filling out the forms for visa application.
– Use of friction pen in filling out the visa forms is not allowed.
7. In any case the embassy will require additional documents, the applicant will be notified accordingly. This may prolong the processing time for your visa application.
8. The regular processing time of the visa applications are as follows. This is subject to change without prior notice:
– Japan Tourist Visa Application – 7 to 10 working days
9. In the event of the denial of visa application, the payment is NON-REFUNDABLE.
10. All signed documents are considered correct and in proper order. Please ensure that you submit legally obtained documents.
11. Explanation letters must be computerized. Handwritten forms are not accepted by the embassy.
12. Request for pull out of passport, for whatever reason thereof, once submitted at the Embassy is not allowed.
13. The applicant has the responsibility to disclose full information should they have international travel during the processing of their visa application. Any concerns arising from the application that will cause delay or any reason thereof will not be the liability of the company.
14. Applicant has the sole responsibility of the validity of his passport to travel (must still be valid for 6 months prior to intended travel date). Any problem arising from this issue will not be the liability of the Company.

Courier Service Terms & Conditions
1. JTB Philippines will only book through its preferred courier service provider once the following conditions are met:
– payment for the courier service fee is made (PHP 200 if within Metro Manila and PHP 250 if outside Metro Manila)
-name, contact number, email address, and shipping address of the recipient is provided
-travel document to be sent is ready for delivery
2. Any delay, damage, loss, mishandling, and other circumstances arising from the courier service once it is turned over to the third party service provider will not be the liability of JTB Asia Pacific Phil. Corp.
3. JTB Asia Pacific Phil. Corp. will advise the client with the tracking number of documents / package once it is turned over to the third party service provider. It is the client’s responsibility to make the follow up regarding the status of the document sent for delivery.
4. JTB Asia Pacific Phil. Corp. will not be liable for any travel or tour arrangements that will be affected arising from Guideline No. 2. The number of days it is expected to receive the documents or package from the third party operator is not guaranteed regardless if it is urgent or expedite service is requested. This is out of our control and the client must communicate with the third party service provider directly.

By paying the courier service fee to JTB Asia Pacific Phil. Corp., you agree to the terms and conditions stated above. Otherwise, documents must be picked up from the office where the application is originally filed.


Downloadable Forms