A Visual Guide to Kaiten-zushi

Sushi, quick and inexpensive! Find great taste at a kaiten-zushi restaurant.
A fun a easy way to enjoy all your favorite kinds of sushi.

Enjoying kaiten-zushi — Japanese-style.

At your seat.

Make your own tea!

Press the lever for hot water.

Pour your own soy sauce.

Put ginger slices (gari) in a dish.

Ask for wasabi.

Sushi comes on the belt.

Grab what you like as it goes by or order something special. Many shops have special digital displays for placing orders, but it’s also OK to ask staff directly.

Take plates as they pass by!

Order what you want.

Add flavor the Japanese way.

Tip it to the side…

dip the fish in soy sauce…

and pop it in your mouth!

Sushi is finger food, too.

Use gari to add soy sauce.

Add wasabi for extra kick.


Each type of plate has a different price and shops will have a display showing how much each one costs. Keep your bill reasonable by balancing out your meal with expensive and cheaper selections.

A waiter counts the plates.

Pay at the register.

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