Niseko, Toya, Noboribetsu


Is it possible to make an one-day trip from Sapporo to those places?
If you are driving, you can enjoy one-day sightseeing trip from Sapporo to those places!
All three areas are about 1hr – 2hr30min drive away from Sapporo, depart early in the morning, enjoy sightseeing during the day and return to Sapporo within the same day. Enjoy sightseeing during daytime, and stay at Sapporo at night.

How should I visit each sightseeing sites?
It is recommended to rent a car and make a visit to each site.
Niseko and Lake Toya are far from each other so renting a car is recommended. However, in Noboribetsu area, sightseeing sites are located quite close to each other. Where should I stay? Should I stay somewhere with private Hot Spring?

Where should I stay? Should I stay somewhere with private Hot Spring?
Each area is among most famous Hot Spring Village in Hokkaido. There is a wide variety of accommodation.
Lake Toya, Niseko and Noboribetsu house the most famous Hot Spring Villages in Hokkaido. There are all types of accommodations, from luxurious Japanese style Ryokan, hotels with full facilities, to simple Hot Spring hotels. If you enjoy activities, Niseko is recommended, and if you enjoy natural scenery, Lake Toya and Noboribetsu would be best choice.



Useful public transportation
Tips for planning a sightseeing route
Enjoy exhilarating cycling trip in Niseko. There are six bicycle stations in town, such as Hilton Niseko Village and Niseko Resort Tourism Association, and you can rent a bicycle for free by signing an application form. For more information, contact Niseko Town commerce, industry and sightseeing department.
For inquiry: 0136-44-2121

Make a full use of regular-route bus effectively
Make a full use of regular-route bus effectively Kutchan Line of Niseko Bus departs from JR Kutchan-Station and connects to Hilton Niseko Village via Hirafu district. It is useful for access to Hirafu and Hiashiyama areas. It is not in operation from 1st April till the end of April,and from the end of October till November.
For more info, contact Niseko Bus: 0136-44-2001

Tips for planning a sightseeing route
In all three areas, touristic places and activities are mostly outside, so it is better to take umbrella etc.
Sometimes it gets cold at beginning of spring and autumn.



The coldest season of the year, and sometimes the temperature drops to -10°C.
The peak of ski season in Niseko, and a lot of tourists visit during the month. Winter Festival is held in Toya Lake Hot Spring Village.
Cold weather is moderate, yet temperature is below zero on most days. You can still enjoy winter sports.

Snow starts to melt in Lake Toya and Noboribetsu, whereas in Niseko, you can ski until beginning of May.
Cherry blossom blossoms in Noboribetsu. Spring season starts, but in mountains it still snows on some days at the beginning of May.
Shops start selling vegetables of spring season. Temperature is still low though, so better to take light outer wear.

People start enjoying activities like rafting etc. A variety of seasonal vegetables are sold.
Jigoku Festival is held, which is a famous event in Noboribetsu. At the beginning of the month, it still feels like summer, but it gets colder towards the end.
Summer vocational season comes to the end, and stays quiet until autumn. Shops sell seasonal vegetables.

Leaves start to turn red, and you canenjoy scenery that resembles a painting. Temperature drops drastically during the month.
It starts to snow in mountainous areas. At the end of the month, ski slopes open up in Niseko, and winter season starts.
It starts to snow in Niseko, but there is still less snow around Toya. Events take place in various places.

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