Naha city

Basic tips for a trip to Okinawa: from food to World Heritage Sites.

Shurijou castle Kokusai dori

Naha City is the capital city of Okinawa Prefecture. Kokusai Dori, the busiest street in Okinawa, is found at its centre, as well as historical sites related to the Ryukyu Kingdom in the northeast at Shurijo Castle Park.


Churaumi Aquarium Area

Okinawa’s most famous aquarium (home to a whale shark)

Kinkakuji temple

Okinawa’s Churaumi Aquarium is located at the centre of the Motobu Peninsula. Besides the famous Kouri Bridge, there are also famous World Heritage Sites including the Nakijin Castle Ruins and food to enjoy in places such as the Soba Highway and jungle cafés.


Central Area

A local town with an American mood

Mihama American village

Because the Central Area has a concentrated US military presence, there are many American villages and cafés owned by foreigners. The Kaichu Doro Scenic Drive is one of the most popular activities.


West Coast Resort

Enjoy your resort’s comfort at its hotel and beach

West coast resort

This area has a number of resorts built along the coastline. With sea-view spots such as the Cape Zanpa, this area is also home to Yachimun no Sato, a village where Yachimun (earthenware) workshops are gathered.


Southern Area

So popular, it’s dotted with sights!

Sefautaki and Peace Memorial Park

Located south of Naha City, there are numerous ocean cafés with amazing views of the Pacific Ocean on the east coast. The popular World Heritage Site, Sēfautaki and the Valley of Gangala are also here.


Kerama Islands

Come here for a small getaway from the Main Island.

Kerama islands

Comprising the Zamami-son and Tokashiki-son villages, the island’s waters are inhabited by a large number of corals and tropical fish. Its beauty is also known as ‘Kerama Blue’ and was declared a National Park in Mar 2014.

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