Retro-styled cafe in Kyoto

Cafés in Kyoto have developed into places where intellectuals and students gather. Enjoy a stylish tea time at these famous cafés that still maintains their Showa Period (1926–89) furnishings, just as they were when they opened.

Fun fact! Why there are so many retro-style cafés in Gion and Kawaramachi.

Cafés opened all over Japan during the early Showa Period, and Kyoto was no exception. The emergence of this so-called ‘café culture’ attracted students and professors from universities, who turned the cafés into venues for sharing their aspirations. Because of this, cafés have remained unchanged and are still loved by the people of Kyoto.

Kissa Soware (Café) Open in 1984 Shijo-Kawaramachi

The retro-style furnishings are dimly lit with blue light, creating a fantastical ambience. Enjoy the taste of punch with jewel-like jellies that match the atmosphere of the café. The interior of the café is made of soot-black wood with Western-style furnishing, creating a calm atmosphere. Enjoy an elegant experience with a cup of Viennese coffee.

Address: Shijo-agaru, Nishikiyamachi dori, Shimogyo-ku
Access: Right by Shijokawaramachi City bus stop
Opening hours: 1.30 pm–10 pm (9.30 pm last order)
※ operating hrs may change after Spring 2015, contact for details
Closed: Mon (Tue if Mon is a holiday)

Kisso Soware

Must-try drink! Soda with colourful pieces of floating jelly is the cafe’s specialty. The translucent rainbow-coloured jelly looks truly magical.

Fun facts!
1/ Many artists and poets like Seiji Togo, whose father also loved this particular café, frequented the establishment.
2/ The interior is decorated with grapevine-shaped table lamps and relief engravings of trees, present since the café first opened its doors.

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