How many days to cover Hokkaido?
Best to stay 1 night in Sapporo town, and 1 night in the rural areas for a 3D2N plan!
Stay one night in Sapporo first, and fully enjoy the tourist spots in the city and the local delicacies like ramen and Mongolian mutton barbeque. Venture out to the vicinities for the 2nd and 3rd day to Otaru and Jozankei Onsen.

Where should we stay?
Odori or Susukino for the gourmet seeking parties. Vicinities of station for people who prioritise access
When choosing accommodation in Sapporo, pick those around Odori or Susukino if youwant to enjoy the local delicacies fully, and the vicinities of Sapporo station if you prefer convenience of travelling. Various hotels from the reasonable to the high-end are available, so match your budget to your accommodation.

How to cover the tourist spots?
By foot for downtown, Metro and bus for rural regions.
Since most of the tourist hotspots including Former Hokkaido Government Office Building and Sapporo Clocktower are centered in town, half a day of walking should be enough to cover the tourist attractions of downtown. Travel to the rural tour ist spot s l ike the Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill and the Moerenuma Park by bus from its nearest station.


Use the underground smartly for rainy and snowy days!
Underground towns exist, such as the Aurora Town underground of Odori Park and Pole Town under the Sapporo Ekimae Dori. Underground methods should suffice for movement around Sapporo Station, Odori and Susukino. Use them efficiently during poor weather conditions.

Walking through the streets
Use grids for the city centre to easily check your current location.
Addresses of streets are split with Odori Park as the boundary into north and south regions, and Sousei river as the boundary into east and west regions. The address unit is Jou for north and south, and Chome for east and west, so you will find your address to be written in the form of “South x West y”. Check your current position’s address with the nearest traffic light to aid you in finding the store you are heading for.

Value ticket/pass
One day pass for the active movers
Public transport is cheaper for touring rural spots. Dosanko pass which allows you to take the unlimited street tram rides for a day. Available inside the tram and at theQ Where should we stay? How many days to cover

Subway one day pass ¥830
Dosanko passDosanko pass ¥310



City turns white with snow, and roads without road heating become slippery. Countermeasures against snow and ice for your feet are a must!

Sapporo’s largest event, Sapporo Snow Festival, takes place. Tourists , including many foreigners, gather to participate.

67th Sapporo Snow Festival
Period: February 5th ‒ 11th
Venue: Odori, Susukino, Tsu-dome
Over 2 million people gather for this winter mega event. Impressive large snow sculptures and magnificent ice sculptures are a must to watch.
There will be more days with temperatures above zero degrees, but the chill is still quite severe. There will still be snow fall, so take measures and protect yourself from the cold.

Thawing season. Roads become slippery. Don’t forget to prepare waterproof shoes.

Sakuras go full bloom during Golden Week in Sapporo. It is also common to eat Mongolian mut ton barbeque under the flowers in Hokkaido.

57th Sapporo Lilac Festival
Period: Late May (Odori), Early June (Kawashita)
Venue: Odori Park 4 ‒ 7 Chome & Kawashita park
Organised during blooming of Sapporo’s lilacs. Stroll and admire the white and purple flowers.
Early summer. No rainy season allows for clear skies, but temperatures are still low. It is advisable to wear warm clothes.

24th Yosakoi Soran Festival
Period: June 10th ‒ 14th
Venue: Odori Park and others
Teams from all over the country wield clappers and don creative costumes to give impressive performances

Massive beer garden exclusively during this period at Odori Park. Drinking beer while a gentle breeze blows by.

62nd Sapporo Summer Festival
Period: Late July ‒ Mid August
Venue: Odori Park 1 ‒ 11 Chome
Plenty of events to celebrate summer from the country’s largest beer garden, to Hokkaido Bon-odori and bazaars.
Corn freshly harvested in the morning can only be tasted in this season. Enjoy the short summer of Hokkaido with the seasonal tastes.

Salmon run at Ishigari river begins. Treat yourself to local cuisines such as the Ishigari stew. This is also the season to eat salmon roe.

Sapporo Autumn Festival
Period: September 11th‒ October 4th
Venue: Odori Park 1, 4 ‒ 8, 10 ‒ 11 Chome (tentative)
Food event to celebrate the harvest of Autumn. Walk around Hokkaido to eat and enjoy local delicacies and desserts.

Snow accumulates, temperatures dip below 0 during morning and nights. Enjoy outdoor hot spring and snow-scene viewing at places like Jozankei Onsen.

Snow starts falling, and the temperature begins dipping drastically. Glittering illumination start to light up the streets at this point of time.

Rowan trees at Sapporo Ekimae Dori starts to take up colour, Odori Park’s maple leaves also begin turning red here. Harvest ends in late October.

Sapporo White Illumination
Period: Late November to Mid February (2016)
Venue: Odori Park 1 ‒ 3 Chome, Sapporo Ekimae Dori and others (tentative)
Objet d’art are featured in Odori Park. Trees along the main street are illuminated with decorative lights.

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